March 21, 2011

The world's first multi-national start-up: Q&A with Stephen Dukker, CEO of NComputing

We catch up with the boss of desktop virtualisation specialist NComputing about how his company compares to the likes of Citrix and VMware and why they are different from the 'old guard'...More

The NComputing solution takes advantage of the fact that today's PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of users only need a small fraction of the computing capacity. NComputing taps this unused capacity so that it can be simultaneously shared by many users. Each user's monitor, keyboard, and mouse are connected to a small and highly reliable NComputing access device, which is then connected to the shared PC. NComputing's award-winning vSpaceTM desktop virtualization software provides each user with a rich multimedia computing experience and their own computing session.

Our customers range from the smallest villages to the largest enterprises. Our products are installed in metal shacks in emerging markets and metal racks in datacenters. We offer solutions for Education, Small and Medium Business, Government and Enterprise. Never before has a single technology connected so many people at such a low cost.



Eco-Friendly Computing

We can't live without PCs, but we need to learn how to live with them: they consume too much electricity and generate too much e-waste. A typical PC takes 110 watts to run, and there are almost a billion of them on the planet. And according to the Silicon Valley Toxics Commission, e-waste is the fastest growing part of the waste stream.Read More


InfoWorld's Green 15 Award

Companies around the world have embraced green technology to drive projects and develop products aimed at boosting energy efficiency, trimming waste, and reducing or eliminating the use or the production of harmful substances. The InfoWorld Green 15 awards recognize the 15 most innovative IT initiatives that fall under this umbrella of sustainability. The government of Andhra Pradesh, India won for its deployment of 40,000 NComputing devices to serve 1.8 million students in 5,000 schools across the state. Read More

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